Why Sir Syed National School (SSNS)?

School is not for profit (low Fee); Students have choices (not prisoners) to elect & choose; School extends itself as an extended family of a student.

What SSNS (Aspires for)?

To create lifelong love for learning; Inculcate Ethics, Morals & Values; teach brotherhood, teamwork & leadership; Produce strong compassionate, courageous citizens of world.

What SSNS (Aims for)?

Awaken the conscience; Create excitement for learning, Develop Social skills; Make sense in terms of application (learning).

How SSNS Does It (Programs & Practices)

A. THE PROGRAMS (Simple & Effective):

  • bullet Enriching Curriculum: Academic & beyond Academics.
  • bullet Value Program: Imbibe values and high morals.
  • bullet English Communication & Confidence building (with Urdu & Hindi).
  • bullet Character Building: Quran (For Muslims) & Moral Science (For Non-Muslims).
  • bullet Overall Development (Young Achievers Program): Intellectual, Physical, And Social.
  • bullet Green School Program: Making Socially Responsible & Environment Conscious.
  • bullet Life Skills: To enable face life and its challenges confidently- Money Handling, Team

B. THE PRACTICES (to make students responsible & independent learners):

  • bullet Monitored Education- Facilitative approach.
  • bullet No Homework (Only Practice Assignments).
  • bullet AHCU (Academic High Care Unit); for weak students
  • bullet No Tuition (strict ban; both on Parents & Ext tutoring).
  • bullet No Invigilation (during Examination)
  • bullet Self-certification (on completion of Home Assignments)
  • bullet Credit Scores: Rewards & Recognitions (students to- update, monitor & select).
  • bullet Meetings: Student- Teacher & Parent- Teacher (allocated time slots).
  • bullet Clubs (for learning & Practicing) and Houses (for competitions & Assessments).
  • bullet Exposure: Educational Trips, Night Camps, Exhibitions, Events & Celebrations.
  • bullet Teachers: To take over role of extended family; teachers to act as substitute mothers.